Letter from Dad About A Visit

This was a letter from Dad to us 3 boys when we lived at the Children’s Home in Pocahontas, AR.The boy that Dad referred to as Randy Ash was my best friend when I lived in Michigan, and was killed by a drunk driver.

The letter is dated February 3, 1970.

curtis jarratt letter about randy ashHello David,

Sure glad to get your letter – & also the Xmas presents thank you boys very much

It is pretty cold here today it is 530 in the evening and it is just 5 above 0.

Hope you boys had a good xmas – I sure had a nice one-

I still miss you boys a lot & I still love you – very much. I haven’t seen Roy since bird season – him & I went hunting during day, but we didn’t get a shot, birds are pretty scarce here now.

We were home in Oct. I thought about coming to see you but I thought it might upset you boys to much. It is not that I don’t love you I just think it would be better fall all concerned – to wait for awhile to see you. I’ll tell you what send me your phone no and I’ll call you some night.

I guess you know Randy Ash got run over by a truck & was killed. He was walking down Hill Rd right at the end of Robin Dr & a pickup truck hit him & killed him & also some other kid. I can’t think who the other boys was.

So you boys be careful when you are on the road. I want you boys to grow up to be nice big men.

I’ll have some pictures made before long & send to you.You boys do the same.

Well you boys take care of your self & each other – and always remember I love you. Dad (over)

PS don’t forget to send me your phone no.

Tell Wally & Kevin I said hi – and I want all of you boys to write to me.

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