Truant Officer

Back about 1966, we had just moved to Blytheville, AR from Grand Blanc, MI. Mom had separated from Dad and Mom was a 37 year old single mother, working 12 hours a day and trying to raise 3 boys (actually, Tommy was in the Navy. I  at the time), so really it was 3 rambunctious boys she was actually raising at the time.

Anyway, I was the oldest of us 3 living at home. I was the “ring leader” of all things, including the stuff that got us in trouble. I also was very good at NOT going to school.

One day, I was hanging around at the house by skipping school. The phone rings and I answer the phone. The person asked me if I was Wally Jarratt, and I said yeah, I was. He goes, “This is officer “so and so”, and I want to tell you right now that if you don’t get your butt in school RIGHT NOW, I will personally come to your house, snatch you up and throw you on the train to Morrilton and reform school”!

Needless to say, he skeered the heck out of me. I THINK (really, I’m not sure) that I did go back to school…but probably not for long. I’m sure my skipping school days continued since following that school year we ended up in Pocahontas, AR. (See Children’s Home Story for details).


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